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Lutheran congregations are led jointly by those ordained and lay members. This partnership is often referred to as a "mutual ministry."  


Our pastors, those ordained to Word and Sacrament ministry, have been placed apart by church authorities for the special role of leading a congregation. Our pastors have both a Bachelor's degree and a Master of Divinity degree. Their authority comes from the church that ordained them. Pastors serving ELCA congregations have been ordained by the ELCA or a church that is in full communion with the ELCA.


Lay members take on vital roles for the congregation.  A Church Council is elected by the congregation, and it then chooses who will serve as officers, ie President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  All council members serve as liaisons with the various ministries of the congregation.  


Our congregation also has several staff members who assure vital work is carried out. These include a Music Director, an Office Administrator, a bookkeeper, and sexton.

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