Adult Forum is back!

Please join us beginning August 29th in the social hall after refreshments to continue our spiritual formation.

We will begin by exploring the New Testament Epistle of James which is featured in the lectionary beginning August 29th. Let’s find out why it is given full attention in the lessons, while trying to figure out why Martin Luther called it “an Epistle of straw.”

We will then spend 8 weeks Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith.

This book was published by the Lutheran church in 1999. There are 36 different faith traditions featured. We will explore 8 of them during the fall of 2021. The disciples who came to fellowship after worship had the opportunity to select which ones they were interested in learning more about. The selections were made based on the number of requests for each selection.

The following faiths received the most requests:

Buddhism                      Jehovah Witnesses                    Seventh Day Adventist

Eastern Orthodoxy           The Salvation Army                     Hinduism

Islam                           African American Methodist Episcopal    

We are inviting a speaker from each of these traditions to lead our Adult Forum from 10:30 am - 11:30 am.

Here is the schedule for your information and use:

August 29 - The Epistle of James - Pastor Oplinger

September 5 - The Epistle of James - Zachary Fetter

September 12 - God’s Work Our Hands Sunday

September 19 - The Epistle of James - Pastor Oplinger

September 26 - The Salvation Army - Major Robert Reel

October 3 - TBA October 10 - Pastor Jason Morgan

October 17 - TBA

October 24 - TBA

October 31 - Reformation Sunday

November 7 - Home Coming

November 14 - TBA

November 21 - TBA